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Pre-convention delegate meeting

We do not have a full RTC meeting scheduled for April - but a delegates meeting is set for Monday, April 21st at the Norwalk Motor Inn, East Avenue, Norwalk. time is 7:30.

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7:30 PM
Pre-convention delegate meeting (More)


7:30 PM
Judge of Probate Convention (51st District) (More)
7:30 PM
State Senate Convention - 25th District (More)
6:45 PM
State House 143rd Convention (More)
7:00 PM
State House 141st Convention (More)
7:30 PM
State House 142nd Convention (More)
7:30 PM
Single Town Candidate endorsement (More)


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Thank you for visiting our website.

This site was created to help you find what you are looking for.  We feel that if you have access to accurate GOP information and learn more about what Norwalk Republicans stand for, that you too will join with us to help create a better balance in City & State politics.

Everyone on the Norwalk Republican Town Committee is extremely excited about the outreach potential that our web site brings. We will provide you timely information about local issues, Republican opinions (along with insight into these important issues), Republican events, candidate perspectives, and the many opportunities we have for you to participate with members of our Committee.

Be Informed and Get Involved!  That is our motto.  We need your support to advance our vision of building a stronger voter base, organize an effective "Get-Out-the-Vote" program, and raise the funds necessary to achieve our mission of electing more Republican candidates to serve in local & state office.

Please visit our Volunteer section to sign up and leave your contact information to insure that you are kept well informed on all party news and activities. Keep an eye out for an e-mail from us with upcoming events and information.

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Selection of candidates for:

State Rep. 137th, 140th & Reg. of Voters at RTC meeting on May 22nd.

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Pre-convention delegate meeting - but open to RTC members / guests. Candidates are attending to speak to the group. 

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Judge of Probate convention (51st District)

Norwalk Inn, 99 East Ave. Norwalk 7:30 PM


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Norwalk Inn, 99 East Ave. Norwalk 7:30 PM

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State Representative  (142nd)  - May 14th - Norwalk Inn, 99 East Ave. Norwalk 7:30 PM


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The Republican Convention for 141st State House District of Darien-Norwalk is confirmed for

Wednesday evening, May 14, 2014, Darien Town Hall Auditorium, 7 pm.

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